This refund and return or replacement policy applies only to products ordered and paid for by customers through the online store and covers the following terms:

  • If the purchased product happens to be factory defective, it is subject to warranty if it is returned to the same condition as it was received, with no visible physical damage and in the original packaging.
  • Return or replacement of the product is performed only if the product is damaged by the manufacturer, ie if the product is in factory error and if the product is returned without visible physical damage and in the original packaging.
  • The buyer has the right to request the return/replacement of the product within 24 hours upon receipt of the product.
  • Return request via our contact form on our website, and you can contact us through the contact details left on our contact website and we will give you more instructions on the Product Return/Replacement Policy. The request should state the reason for the return/replacement of the product and if you wish the product to be returned and not replaced, the transaction account for the refund should also be stated. The transaction account specified in the request must match the one from which the payment was made, ie. order.
  • After reviewing your request, if approved, your funds will be refunded or a new product will be sent to you.
  • We will refund the amount paid within 10 working days on the payment card, ie the transaction account from which the original order was made.
  • The replacement of the product will be made within 10 working days if the conditions are met and the replacement request is approved.