We have a contract with Cargo Express ( for the delivery of the products. In agreement with Cargo Express, S-Market delivers to all cities in Macedonia up to 5 kilometers outside the city signboard. The ordered products will be shipped to you at the address you specify as the shipping address. If the delivery address is within 5 kilometers of the town’s front door, the buyer is obliged to pick up the product from the nearest cargo express dealer.

Delivery of your order takes place within 3 business days. If the delivery courier fails to find you at the given address and delivers the shipment to you, you will be contacted at the telephone number you have left for contact. For this reason, it is very important to leave accurate data and a correct telephone number when ordering. They are used only for shipment.
Every customer is obliged to check for possible damage during transport and to check that the shipment is complete. If the product is delivered damaged or the shipment is incomplete, the buyer is obliged to inform us immediately.

S-Market reserves the right to delay delivery if for any reason the funds on our giro account are delayed in payment by the customer.